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People who have an affinity for cheering for the Green Bay Packers, a franchise of the National Football League. Packer fans have several characteristics that make them unique among other football fans. They are very close minded, and they will argue vehemently if you suggest that your team is better than the Packers. If Green Bay is stinking up the season and has only 2 or 3 wins, they'll talk about the first 2 super bowls. If the Packers are having a successful year, that's all they'll talk about. Remember, the average packer fan only knows 2 sides of an issue: their opinion and the wrong opinion. There is no capacity for debate or subjectivity when arguing anything with a Packer Backer. Packer fans are known to go into multi-week depressive episodes when the packers lose in the playoffs or in the Super Bowl. Not just a post game funk, but a full-blown, medically observable condition. The roots of this behavior all originate from the result of extreme isolation, due to the fact that Green Bay is in a remote, icy enclave of the U.S. This is substantiated by the fact that more than half ot the people in the stands at a game have hunting clothes on, beer is consumed by the liquid ton, and the music played at Lambeau Field is from the late 60's to early seventies. The lone "modern" music played at packer games is a few tracks from the 1993 Jock Jams CD. Techotronic and 2 Unlimited are considered "hip". The average packer fan lives in a stagnant income household, starts hunting before kindergarten, and has never benefited from a Dental Plan. The Packers are the one team in the NFL that does not have cheerleaders, and that is a summary statement of their fan base.
"Dude, the packers really stunk up that playoff game. Those 4 interceptions by Favre really sealed the deal for the other team"

"Screw You!!!!! Who won the first two super bowls?"

"I don't know- I wasn't born. I remember the Packers losing to the Broncos, though in that 1 super bowl. Last night they sucked even worse"

"Screw you again! Who won the most titles between 1926 and 1938? I don't think it was YOUR team. Who did Vince Lombardi coach for? See!"

"I see this is going nowhere. Nevermind. I cannot reason with packer fans"
by T.Y. February 10, 2008
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A monosyllabic, perspectiveless football announcer who rambles like harry caray and abuses the coaches clicker in an obsessive-compulsive manner while muttering primal grunts and "booms". Also known for scribbling unintelligible illustrations with the telestrater about the latest team he's jumped on the bandwagon with. Finds it harder to take is current favorite team and ram it down everybody's throats now that he's on MNF.
Did you hear that john madden is starting his own football league? The Packers and Cowboys play each other every week, and they both win every time!!
by T.Y. July 15, 2004
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The current, acceptable, feminist-certified, polically correct way to refer to anyone of african descent. Designed to eliminate any unintended racial tension in this hypersensitive, perpetually offended society we've become where people just can't lighten the fuck up anymore.
That's not a poor black guy dressed up as Santa Claus, that's an economically disadvantaged african american exercising the right to achieve monetary compensation by commercially benefiting from the eurocentrically imposed midwinter festival"
by T.Y. July 15, 2004
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