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One of the most misunderstood areas of our nation. Settled in 1638, the island consists of 4 counties, Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Brooklyn and Queens are Boroughs of New York City and are therefore not generally considered part of Long Island.
If you are "dissing" Long Island and you are from Long Island, you are most likely from Nassau County, a stale, bizarre, and overdeveloped area full of strip malls and busy highways. It is the quintessential Long Island stereotype and unfortunately gives the rest of Long Island a bad name. If youre "dissing" Long Island and are not from Long Island, youre probably a young person from the midwest now living a hip lifestyle in New York City. You have never really been to Long Island, except maybe a friends parents home in Nassau County.
Most of Suffolk County is still very rural and has maintained much of its historical character and charm, though the integrity of these self-sustaining villages are constantly threatened by the encroaching Nassau County. Suffolk County is more like an area of New England as far as its towns and villages go. It is a very relaxing area and home to a plethora of outdoor opportunities and is a place full of culture and historical value for those who seek it.
It's very easy to write off Long Island as a suburban wasteland, and as a matter of fact...keep doing it because its getting too crowded for the people who love it here. :)
Nassau County gives the rest of Long Island a bad name.
by T. Bell February 18, 2006

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