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What she ordered.
What she order? FISH FILLET!
by T. Faller November 04, 2016

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When a man can't say no to having sex with any woman and impregnating her, he clearly doesn't have any dick control.
Kid: Did that man plan on having 9 kids
Adult: No, he's just got no dick control
by T. Faller December 06, 2015

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Keemstar looks like a homosexual garden gnome.
by T. Faller September 16, 2016

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What she order? Fish fillet!
by T. Faller November 15, 2016

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France's worst president. Ever.
Emmanuel Macron is a dangerous idiot. Supported by fools (like the editors who will reject this definition), who only ever looked out for himself
by T. Faller May 07, 2017

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