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An Arran is someone who is 2 faced and rapes little girls and thinks he's hard also gets battered AFF his "pals"
That guy over their with the bread hair is a pure rapist arran McCulloch
by T-Jay February 13, 2018
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a guy who thinks he's better then everyone. when he's drunk he tries to hide it and show off that alcohol doesn't affect him, and then end up throwing up on the bar.
john : dude there are 12 people wanna fight me outside the bar!
matt : ok lets go kick some asses!.
john : wtf man we're only 2 !?
matt : it's ok i got it!!
john : dude stop acting like a frat guy! lets just wait for jack and the others to come over so we can fight back!!

"matt refused to wait and he ended up in hospital,"
by T-Jay October 2, 2013
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