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Anyone who lives and breathes the genre of metal. Metalheads also hate the mainstream shit and get pissed off when someone says their tatse of music comes from the radio and MTV. Open minded metalheads love everything from the legendary Black Sabbath to the wave of nu metal that errupted in the 90s. And don't stereotype bout a metalhead's appearance either; we arn't all long haired people that get drunk on a regular basis. And we aren't all goths either. The whole point of being a metalhead is to let the music become part of your soul and to realise that nothing else in the world matters. Proper metalheads should be open minded about every last bit of metal and at least give it a try.
Awesome bands: Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, Coal Chamber, Disturbed, System Of A Down and Static- X.

Oh and Korn isn't a bad band, but they're more rock than metal. This is why many metalheads don't like them probably.
by SystemSlayer March 18, 2006
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