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A term for amazing or wonderful; so outsanding or amazing it causes a feeling of utter aw; something fabulous
"That rollercoaster at Kings Dominion was AMAZZALING!!!"

"Rainbows and colors are AMAZZALING!"

"I never have seen such a sight as that amazzling one."

"I am so amazzaling, I mean I cough up glitter and rainbows are jealous of me."

"Waterfalls show amazzling displays."
by Sydney Fitzwilliam CartonDarcy January 05, 2013

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A term you call a person who is such a major bitch and they also act like a witch; an insult to a horrible, mean, nasty, or annoying person; a name given to an enemy; a combination of a bitch and a witch
"Hey did you see that girl over there? She's such a bitch! Not only is she a bitch, she'
s got to be the biggest BITCH OF THE WEST!!!"

"That bitch of the west is always acting like a major slut!"

"Nobody likes the bitch of the west. She's a bitchy witch and a horrible one at that."

"You say she's the 'witch of the west', well I say she's definitely the 'bitch of the west!"

"She did not steal my boyfriend! What is that bitch of the west going to do next???"
by Sydney Fitzwilliam CartonDarcy December 04, 2013

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