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Often abbreviated as PoE or POE.

A website begun in 1999 to catalogue and discuss other bizarre, odd and, yes, evil websites. Its directory is an obvious parody of those found atYahoo! and Google, with categories such as People:Insane and Artists:Filk. The Portal's forums are extremely active and only lightly moderated. Flames and hyperbole are extremely common, but more intelligent discussion of featured sites and site owners can also be found without much effort. While there is a strongly worded Look And Don't Touch policy regarding featured sites and site owners (unless they choose to visit the forums), it is often broken as the only punishment is an IP banning of the offender from the forums. Websites with similar purposes are crank.net and LJDrama.org.
How'd that get on the Portal of Evil, it's just a badly translated Swedish bondage site?
by Swimming Rama January 30, 2004

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