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The raging jot is the most advanced sexual position known to man. To the inexperienced mind it may seem as impossible as a cock push-up. But in reality, this maneuver is not only possible, it is rather the most enjoyable sensation a man could ever encounter.

The raging jot involves the man entering the woman from behind. After nearing point of climax the man lifts the girl off the ground with his cash and prizes. From this aerial position he then starts to spin the girl in a circular motion around the point of entry. Sometimes a donkey punch is needed to get the girl to tighten up and make this all the more enjoyable.

You can tell that the raging jot is being performed correctly when the girl starts to vomit profusely all over your mothers couch.
Hugh G. Rection ~ I've been in kind of a slump recently.
Jack Me Hoffman ~ Yeh, well what did you do about it?
Hugh ~ Well I took my girlfriend and we did the raging jot for hours...
Jack ~ Wow, that takes serious boner right there...
Hugh ~ What can I say... BITCH! It's what's for dinner...
by Sweet Spirit May 15, 2007

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Word Origin ~ The Woman
Part of Speech ~ verb

Next time you see someone that needs a little excitement, walk up behind them and make a dry-humping motion near, but not touching, their romp... During this act scream out the word "Bhino!!!!!!!"
This is soon to overtake the hug and kiss as a public sign of affection.
Spang Man ~ Hey guys, come after school and I'll give you a treat...
Gerald ~ Hey man, that's not right, someone a little depressed?
Spang Man ~ I'll buy that...
Gerald ~ What are you talking about?
Spang Man ~ (While using drastic hand motions to accompany his words) it's an uphill battle guys, and I'm not sure you guys are on th-th-t-tt-t the r-right track.
Gerald ~ Stop stuttering, your ignorant!
(The class remains silent as George sneaks in behind Spang Man...)
George ~ Bhino!!!!!
Spang Man ~ OHhhhH!
Gerald ~ Bitch...
George ~ It's what's for dinner...
by Sweet Spirit May 15, 2007

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