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a county of New York State that is 30 to 40 minutes away from the city. It is very dated, old fashioned, and lacks character. Nothing much ever happens in Rockland County. No parades, no fairs, no tourist spots. Rockland can be very boring, secluded, inaccessible, and very detached. If you do not own a car in Rockland, you are screwed, because you basically need a car to get around anywhere. There are no subways in Rockland. Buses come once every hour, instead every 15 minutes like in NYC. There no ferry boats either, except for the Haverstraw-Ossining ferry. Taxis drivers like to price gouge.

Sometimes you can go months or years without seeing your next door neighbor. If you plan raising children in Rockland, they have a strong potential of becoming couch potatoes if you live in a neighborhood without other kids. There are only 2 malls in Rockland. The Nanuet Mall, which is dying. The Palisades Mall which is a big monstrosity. There are also ony 2 strip clubs, Stilettos and Lace. Colleges in Rockland can be counted on 1 hand. For fun young Rocklanders often go to NYC or New Jersey. As result many young Rocklanders often move out of Rockland County.

People from NYC who moved to Rockland usually end up moving back to the city because they can't stand the monotony.
I don't know what my parents were thinking when they moved to Rockland County !!! It is so booorrriiinnngg Here!!!! I plan on moving to the city one day. I can't put my future children through the hell known as Rockland County.
by Sweet Brother Cheaper August 18, 2010
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