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Denises Are Gorgeous, Flawless, and Will Always Be By Your Side. Denises aren't the types of people to Turn their backs on you. Denises are normally otakus, some love horror, and most love comedies. They're Romantic, comedic, and their curves are flawless in every way. They normally have silky, brown hair, and gorgeous, shimmering brown eyes, If you know a Denise, well, you're in for luck, and if you happen to be a boy, and have a girl in your town/class, well then, you better make your move ASAP! Denises can be very popular, and since they are gorgeous, many guys tend to ask them out, and you may be a lucky one!
Wow. Look at Denise, she is looking gorgeous today. Not that she never is. ;)
by Suzuya Juuzou // An Otaku:) September 10, 2017

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