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People who are easily provoked and for no reason hostile to anyone. They usually attempt to provoke people by insulting people without knowing nothing of their victim. Ragers are commonly found on the internet and online games, for they have no life in the real world so they must retreat to their virtual world.
Online gamer "Yay, I killed someone"

Rager "Get a life you F**king noob"

Online gamer "Huh? I'm just enjoying the game you should too :)"

Rager "Your mom"
by Sushi Warrior January 20, 2011

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A very sexy bad ass Mexican secret agent who is fearless and can do any task with ease, also highly intelligent and one who knows what the ladies like.
"This is spicy six over" I have the mini chimis, and I am heading to the rally point over.
by sushi warrior March 19, 2015

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A boy who was raised in Thai only to one day become the pilot. At the age of 18, he was employed by Darth Vader at the Death Star due to his magnificent skills in flying. His skills in flying only improved with remarkable speed, thus a type of spaceship was created in his honor. He proudly named it "Thai-Fighters" Ever since then "Thai-Fighters" has been a common spaceship used by the Death Star employees.
Trooper A "Dude, why is it called Thai-fighters?"

Trooper B "Are you serious bro? Didn't they teach you about the legend of 'Vorawat'?"

Trooper A "Nope, besides Lord Vader had to get rid of our education because he didn't have enough finance to cover it"
by Sushi Warrior January 17, 2011

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