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Tarantinos' best movie. I'm watching it now. It's about a group of men who try to pull off a bank heist. None of them know each other, with the exception of the man who organized the bank heist and a guy who gets the nickname "Mr.Blonde". They all get colored nicknames so they can't rat on each other. One is an undercover cop (Tim Roth). The movie is great.
Guy 1 watching movie - "Resevoir Dogs is cool"
Guy 2 watching movie - "Yeah I know"

One guy - "Through in a dollar"
Mr.Pink - "No."
One guy - "Why the fuck not?"
Mr.Pink - "Because I don't tip."
One guy - "Why"
Mr.Pink - "I don't believe in it, if a waitresses aren't making enough money, they can quit."
by SuperColin February 04, 2006

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