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noun- A chonga is a woman of hispanic origin classified by, but not limited to, the following characteristics:
1. Brazilian jeans (folds of skin hanging over are a bonus, but not mandatory).
2. Excessive application of hair gel, with the hair usually worn in a curly fashion or pressed tightly to the head, dangerously close to cutting off circulation.
3. Brand name clothing (including Ecko Unlimited, Baby Phat, Phat Farm, and Sean John).
4. Air Force Ones or some other form of Nikes/Adidas.
5. Obscenely color-coordinated outfits.
6. A lack of understanding of the English language, usually resulting in accents, improper use of words, and/or a mixture of Spanish and English known as Spanglish.
7. Distinct make-up - specifically fake, exaggerated, and highly arched eyebrows, black lipliner, glittery lip stick, and heavy masquera.
8. Unique form of internet jargon that utilizes a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters along with Spanish words and phrases.
9. A general attraction to malls, especially Dolphin Mall in Florida.
10. An affinity for enormous hoop earrings. They are typically gold and large enough for one to fit a small child through.
11. A general interest in reggaeton/hip-hop. Nothing works better for luring a chonga than a hardcore Pitbull rap.
1. Simulated chonga online dialogue:

CuBaNiTaMaMii4U: OyE MaRiA-LuIsA ii tInK ii miiGhT bii PrEgNaNt wiiT JoSeS BaBii.

HoTtIeCuBaN4LyF: Ayyyye MaMiii qUe cUtEE l0l

2. Jenifer Lopez, Mariah Carey
by Sun the Korean June 11, 2006
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