2 definitions by SummerRxoxo

The most sweetest girl you will ever meet, she is Super pretty and kind as well and she literally has the softest hair in the world! She is the bestest friend I could ever wish for and it will always stay like that, if anyone ever says anything bad about her they will have to answer to me because I would die for her.
I love Aqdas to heaven and back xoxo
by SummerRxoxo January 15, 2019
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Armand is the weirdest person you’ll ever meet. Reason no.1 he sniffs glue sticks and gets high. He.is.a.coke.sniffer.He’s stupid AS HELL. And he’s a frickety fracking tic taccing tap tapping shat. :) Armand can be used in a sentence like:
Armand is a disappointment.
by SummerRxoxo May 8, 2019
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