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Pretty much the same thing as Nassau County except Suffolk County usually has bigger houses, bigger property sizes and more personal space since its further away from New York City.

Almost everybody here is either middle class or rich though there are some white trash areas further out east and a few hoods scattered throughout the county (but the few hoods here aren't even that bad or that poor).

Suffolk County by far has the nicest beaches since it's considered too far for NYC ppl to travel to (who rarely even leave their borough to begin with); most jam up Nassau County&Jersey Shore beaches since its closer to them.

The only con's are that you need a car to get around and things can get pretty boring quick.
Bob: Suffolk County is better than Nassau!

Ron: No, Nassau is better!

Tina: It depends on what you like, if being close to NYC is important than Nassau is better. If quality of life is more important than Suffolk wins by a landslide.
by SuffixSuffolkian March 25, 2013
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