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A place where kids and teenagers shop to feel ohhh "so rebellious" when in fact they are feeding money to the same system that they so called "oppose". The funny thing is that mainly white suburban kids shop there who think they are any different or better than the rest of the population. Hot Topic is a gimick per say, true DIY ethics are what punk was based on. But anyways I'm not gonna say anyone shopping there is a poser or not a poser because I don't believe in labels. Labels are just retarded and stereotypical so I avoid those terms. Just to state my position, Hot Topic is a corporate store in corporate America just to make some $$$.
Overpriced clothing. Hot Topic
Owned by a corporation. Hot Topic
Kid1:"omg i am so cool mommy let me buy this cool anarchy shirt and i dun even no what anarchy is but it looks so cool i am so rebelling against the system"
Intellectual:"The simple fact that you paid money for that shirt represents your contribution to this corporation hich in term is making them a few bucks richer. So no you're not opposing the system, you are actually supporting it."
by StyleWars May 18, 2008

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