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Someone who has an obsession with studying the optimal protocols in terms of diet training and supplementation to in the words of Elliot Hulse "become the strongest versions of themselves". Said people are characterized by frequented analysis of studies, obsessive record keeping, and spending almost if not all of their free time in a gym of some kind, and for whatever reason tend to correct EVERYONE they run into at a gym.
In the context of training:
*someguy bragging about how good distance running is for conditioning *
Guy 1: Oh man this guy really knows what he talking about
Strength nerd: Eh, not really. He doesnt take into account the fact that increasing the capacity of the aerobic energy system without developing a solid base of strength will limit our overall work capacity, prevent the development of the anaerobic system which we actually use in *insert sport name here* and leave us weak and out of shape. Our time would best be spent doing heavy deadlifts.

In the context of dieting:
Guy1: To lose weight you need to eat 5-6 times a day every 2-3 hrs. It increases the thermic effect of food
Strength nerd: Well it doesnt really work that way. The thermic effect of food is diactated by ones over all caloric intake over a certain period of time so increasing meal frequency would accomplish nothing.
In the supplement context:
Guy1:You need to take a whey protein shake exactly 30 minutes after your workout
Strengthnerd: While taking a protein shake is a good idea muscle protein synthesis is elevated for up to 36 hrs after you have stimulated a muscle group leaving a far larger window than 30 minutes postworkout. I certainly wouldn't recommend waiting say 8 hrs. there is really no need to rush
by Strengthnerd5 April 20, 2013
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