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Slapball is a game played by two or more people where the object is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible. The perfect ball size is about the size of a tennis ball and squishy or foamy. The group stand in a circle and the ball goes wherever except for the floor. You can have as many touches as you want but don't be greedy! To start the game a serve ball is hit like in volleyball towards one player and staying inside the circle. Most often the ball is slapped with palm of hand but sometimes a skill move is played with anyother part of the body. At this point it is customary to shout "SKILL" to boost players ego. Another term is a Bob ball where a serve ball is hit way out of the circle. It is then customary to shout "BOB".
"Andy I have the slapball!"
"Excellent lets play." Bob, Tuna, Andy, Jack, Lizzie, Holly, Mike and James all get in a circle....Bob takes the serve and...20metres out the circle goes the serve..."BOB!"
They start to play again and Andy chests the ball then kicks it to Lizzie "SKILL"
by Stowupalnd D of E November 01, 2006

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