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Norcal city, which is #1 in meth production, #1 in car theft, and #1 in fastest growing gang population. Famous for the Laci Peterson trial, Gary Condit trial, Chandra Levee trial, and other trials involving cheating and/or murdering women. It is bleeding with mexicans and crack heads and pussy imitation gangs. If you ever wind up here for God knows why, be prepared to smoke a lot of weed and search for your car once it's stolen. Other than that you will want to leave Methdesto once you get here because there is nothing to do. Also ask about the one-legged hooker.
"Gosh, Timmy, I could really go for some crack right now."

"The streets of Modesto are littered with crack! We will surely find some there."
by StoutMasterFlexx5000 April 28, 2008
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To call for a hooker, and then, in close enough proximity, bop her head with a whiffle bat. Conclude your feat with a loud exclamation of "Ho-Boppin'!!" Drive away...
"Excuse me..Twenty Dollars! Mike Smith wants a prostitute for twenty dollars!"

"Yeah it'll be twenty up front"


by StoutMasterFlexx5000 April 28, 2008
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