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A rhythmic form of vaginal stimulation involving the pointer and middle finger. This can be performed on ones self or done to a willing partner. While this may be used to refer to the simple act of fingering, it more specifically describes a palm upwards technique. This approach differs from the standard "come hither" goto g-spot stimulater by way of independent finger movement.
ex 1 : Ralph: "She was like going to explode when I was giving her the two finger tap dance."

ex 2: Joe: "Aww man Susie said she just wanted to stay in and chill alone tonight."
Robert: "Ohh dude don't worry she probably just has to do the ol two finger tap dance."

ex 3: Dan: "Sometimes I question if my partner enjoys the two finger tap dance."
by Stickyfingwrs February 16, 2010
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