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1. a highschooler involved in their school's theatre department. Often gives up the majority of his/her/its social life to take part in the many rehearsals after school. Must be able to be defined by the second definition of theatre kid as well.

2. A horny, highschool kid who treats life like a sexual innuendo and uses racism and sexism as daily tools of entertainment. Often joke about having sex, though few ever really ever have partaken in it. Often subject to drama caused by other theatre kids. Not to be mistaken with band kids, who are similar to theatre kids, but with more herpes. Often make fun of jocks and cheerleaders, unless of course, they too consider themselves theatre kids. Laughs at other people's judgments of them. Must also be able to be defined by the first definition of theatre kid as well.
Person 1: Should we stop that person from spooning his friend? That's just wrong.
Person 2: No, they're theatre kids.
Person 1: Oh... really? My mistake. I guess I didn't catch that... I thought theatre kids were more violent when they did that kind of stuff...
by Stevedaculedood March 21, 2009
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