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Some one who is not only a blogger and blog reader, but also is always trying to get a new idea for their blog.

The Blogganaut desires to explore the farthest reaches of the Blogosphere to discover a new idea or concept which is in the bloggervese. (Blog Universe)

Their main activities: eat, sleep and blog.

They talk about three things: Their blog, their favorite blog and what they are going to blog today about.

Some would even call them "blog-whores".
"Oh Man! Thats great, I need to put that in my blog." Said Norman

"Hes your every day blogganaut!" Josh commented to Sam about Norman.

"Yeah man, I will be sailing the bloggersphere tonight with this idea." Said Norman

Josh and Sam snicker with the word Blogganaut in mind.
by Stephen Cardigan February 27, 2009

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