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Not a very well known town, right in the heart of Fairfield County this typical rich town is home to doctors, lawyers, ceo's, investment bankers and people with salaries that you wouldn't believe. Their cars are as impressive as their jobs. There is a mall in trumbull but none of the rich kids from trumbull actually go there, they prefer to travel down to new canaan, greenwich or westport to do their shopping. Everyone wears ralph, jcrew, burberry, lily, you name it. The public school system is extremely good and many kids also get sent to private schools. Trumbull sports teams are great and consistently in the top of their brackets. Trumbullites as they are called like to say that there is nothing to do in Trumbull, which is why they spend their parents $$ and get drunk. Not as big of a stoner town as some others but definitely not lacking in the alcohol.
The only things made in trumbull are brueggers bagels and starbucks coffee, both overpriced but the rich people there don't see any problem spending that kind of money for a "venti non fat double shot espresso latte with extra foam"...typical of trumbullites. They are often found partying in other towns with other rich ffld county kids.
Also, they all manage to maintain a 4.0 + average at school and act like the perfect child when at home. They get sent to ivy leagues or other top tier schools. They have ski houses/condos right on the mountain, a summer "vacation home" in the hamptons, voneyard or nantucket and other properties they probably didnt know they owned. They vacation often in exotic tropical places and in Europe.
GOing to become typical frat boys and sororities girls in college where their parents donate $$
3 Trumbullites talking....
"What does your dad do?"
"Oh, he is the vp of some humungous company, yours?"
"pshhh, MY dad is the CEO of that company"
third person "Well my dad is a surgeon..."
by Steph A August 08, 2007

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