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Common slang for a closet whore. Bottom feeder, most likely to not remember her name, cant remember if she popped a child out of her flaps. Vapor rub sniffing heffer who doesnt even realize its an addiction. Someone most likely to cause you nightmares. After seeing an old nasty wornout twat. Dependent succubus who shows her flaps to boys as young as 6. Most likely to sleep with your man until she spreads her legs and they get a rude awakeing. Thats right boys take a big whif and realize what you lost! Someone who tries to cover her funk with perfume to make it more funky. Unhygienic skank. Most likely to sleep with dead corpses for her deadly obsession and infatuation of sex.
Example No1:

Person 1: That girl sure is a Fawn!

Person 2: Oh wait she is Fawn.
person 3: Lame.

Example No2:
Person 1: Hey how old are you
Fawn: I dont know between 20 and 100
Person 1: is that your daughter?
Fawn: I dont know I remember braiding a young girls hair but I dont know if shes mine or not. -Walks away-
Person 1: Psycho.
by Stella9<3 February 28, 2010
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