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A male of questionable sexual orientation that likes to mix piss and cum so that he can drink it.
I thought he was just a normal guy that wanted to snowball, but he had me spit his cum into a cup and piss in it afterwards, then he drank it like a fucking alkemyst.
by Stacy Cooper August 15, 2004
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A mentally deficient child that is only able to attend University due to their parents offering to donate large sums of money to the institution in question, as the child has the brain power of your average garden vegetable.

Child usually attends University ten years or more before the parents realize the child is a braindead moron and pull the child out, at which point the child reverts to dashk status.
That thirty-five year old loser in my Algebra 101 class is totally bokmeow. He's not smart enough to tie his own shoes, but his parents made a huge donation to the school so he gets to stay.
by Stacy Cooper August 15, 2004
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The state of being a legal adult, yet not having hit puberty or moved out of your parents' basement.
"I used to date this guy and he seemed kind of cool, but it turned out he was DashK so I dumped his loser ass."
by Stacy Cooper March 25, 2004
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