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A small community by Edmonton hated by all but those who live there. Has one of the highest incomes per capita in Canada and contains spoiled rich kids driving 50,000 dollar cars and wearing 2,000 dollar outfits. The girls are sexy the boy are hot and living a life that resembles something off of The Hills. The party's are crazy full of alcohol, drugs, and sex, and there is one everynight. The parents don't set boundries because they party as hard as their kids. A safe community where a break-in is sure to cause an uproar. As a kid you could easily walk around at three in the morning and feel safe. The second you hit grade 9 the parties, alcohol, drugs, and sex start and daddy's little girl grows up fast. These kids don't have a care in the world, how could you when you have unlimited access to you Dad's bank accounts. Ideal place to grow up if you want to slack off in school, ride around in a beemer, and party all night. The letter recently written by a St.Albert resident, pretty much sums up what they believe in and stand for.
"his status was accomplished once his friends saw our house and other possessions. It sounds cruel but that is how it is; ask your children, they will tell you."
"Let's get smashed today, I'll ask my mom to boot for us, we can take my mercedes."
by St.Aer August 04, 2010
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