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To be "deeply dead" is to have the sensation of being bored silly,unenergerized to the mundane day ahead or that's ended.
"I'm 'deeply dead' suzy from this ever ongoing lecture today."

"how is this 'deeply dead' of a day not over with yet?."

by SquirrelPower January 05, 2009
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A "CockSock" is jargon for a condom that you would place on a male's penis.

The name draws from the comparison of applying your feet with a sock to putting a condom on the cock with both being practical as protection as well as both being rippable due to lack of care.
Could we hold on the engaging contact honeysuckles while I put on my "cocksock" for hopeful prevention of accidental pregnancy.

Here Billy, take this "cocksock" with you incase you score a winner with someone tonight.
by SquirrelPower September 14, 2008
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Adapting from the chinese term of "chow" which as one of it's meanings can be the commmunication of saying bye.

A diverse form to saying, See You/Check you Later, Bon Voyage, Sayonara or all the other ways.

Chow for now - See you Later
My gratitude for the chinese meal you ordered for me mate, really was getting famished, chow for now.

This was an exhilarating time at the theme park of laughs,horrors and spews, thank you, chow for now until our next confrontation.
by SquirrelPower August 03, 2008
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