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IMAS or imas.

International Mover And Shaker.

Someone, usually a man, who swans around acting like a captain of industry when in reality they are just a small time waste of space.

They usually behave like they think they should be on Dragons Den, but can't afford to pay their bills and drive around in a really bad car (a brown, old shape Mini for example)
"Hi, would you mind awfully paying me the money you owe me?"

"Sorry, cant talk now, I am in the south of France" (actually turns out to be in Scarborough watching kids TV)

"what a small dick IMAS you really are"
by Squash Player May 21, 2010

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The action carried out by IT professionals when pacing around the office, it is often followed up by a 'finger smell'
Andrew "what are you doing?"
Jake "Smelling my fingers after a quick cock wipe"
by Squash Player May 11, 2010

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