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An excellent modern rock band with a whole fucking chorus of lead singers. They sound like a mixture of classic rock and metal. Well known for their awesome guitar solos and epic style.
"Hey, I got us tickets to the Bang Camaro concert Saturday!"
"Fuck yes, Bang Camaro kicks ass!"
by Spoonth July 10, 2008

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Waverly Films is a group of independent filmmakers from Brooklyn, NY, and was spawned from the mind of Christopher Ford. They specialize in creating often comedic commercials and especially short films. Much of their current popularity was spurned from their Youtube account, which is under the name "waverlyflams". Several of their videos have breached the one million view mark, some of their more popular shorts being "Wanna But A Ghost?", "The Hauntening", and "Floating Head". They have also won the Youtube Sketchies 2 Award for their Comedy short titled "Sherlockbot and the Case of the Purloined Piggybank".
"Hey, did you check out Waverly Films' new Sketch of the Week?"
"Yeah, it was hilarious! Waverly Films rules!"
by Spoonth October 20, 2008

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