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Please don’t ever compare a neighborhood to England to any inner city in the US. Miss side was a small inner city neighborhood that was decently bad in the 90s. But people who compare it to Compton are weird. Stop trying to be something your not. Miss side has never looked as rough as Detroit, Baltimore. Compton. Or any inner city US city. Stop please, you compare moss side which has never had a population over 18,000 to an entire city in America which has always had a population of 80,000+ and is apart of the LA metro. The only reason why mods side had a higher murder rate than Compton was because it was so small. Manchester doesn’t even come close to the amount of murders any major US city has including Compton and never has.
Compton is the moss side of the US
you guys are a small neighborhood
by Splitsplat February 2, 2022
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