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''Naughty 40'' group of hardened football hooligans from Stoke on Trent who follow Stoke City Football Club. Much feared and respected from other hooligans around the country.

Though called the Naughty 40 , it is believed its membership has well in excess of 3,000 members!

read the book entitled by the same ''Naughty''

''we're Naughty , we're 40, we're off our f*cking heads''
The naughty 40 are here..

Have you seen the Naughty 40?

who is a member of the Naughty 40?
by Speedball April 07, 2006

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''Charver'' Northern English expression for poor scruffy street kid, usually dressed in trackies with designer labels, drives hot hatchback cars, and is a general menace to society.

Southern english definition ''Chav''.

You charver,or you chav
by Speedball April 07, 2006

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