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1. The Southern States of North America which Include(Southern Accent included) - Maryland (Mur-lund),Kentucky (Kin-tuk-e) ,Alabama (Al-Bama), Louisiana (Wesy-Ana), North and South Carolina(Carah-linah), Georgia (Jor-ja), Florida(Floor-Duh), Virginia (Gin-yah), Tennessee (Ten-ah-c),Arkansas (Arken-Saw)and Sometimes Delaware (Del-ah-wur), Missouri (Miss-su-ray), West Virginia (Wes-Ginyah), and Texas (Tex-sus).

I can't believe the people in the southern states opened doors and held the elevators for us!
by SouthernBoyy May 27, 2006

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A state that has 51% non-native born citizens and losing it's culture quickly due to this, especially in Northern Virginia. Native Virginians don't care if they are in the south(tidewater,central,and west mountain area) or mid-atlantic(Northern Virginia/suburbs of D.C). We care about our own history rather then identifying with the whole south or mid-atlantic. 6 out of 10 people living Virginia were not born there.
Ohio guy - Oh cool so your from Virginia? Tell me about the american revolution and confederacy!

Virginia guy - *laughs* Oh hell no, I'm from New York but I live here, and it's called Northern Virginia not Virginia.
by SouthernBoyy May 30, 2006

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Or Pooty Wooty is a Southern Term for Skeezer.
Also a Southern-Caucasian term for Chicken Head
Opposite of a Southern Belle
A trashy whore or ho that everyone in town has had sex with and will take all of your money if she gets the chance to.

Also can be used as a term for Vagina or cry baby by adding a Y at the end.
Guy 1 - holy crap man look at that hot girl!

Guy 2 - Oh hell no dude she's a pooty woot,everyone around here has had a chance with her.


Guy - Man I need some pooty wooty tonight, guess i'll head to the ghetto.


Mom to crying kid - Oh shutup and stop being a pooty wooty.
by SouthernBoyy June 01, 2006

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