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The "countryside alliance" are a body of people, including a significant number of violent yobs, who parade at every given opportunity claiming to represent the rural population of Britain. What they are actually interested in is preserving the right of cretins to ponce around draped in guns, and of equally sad people to fart around on horses dressed in pink. Meanwhile, the REAL rural issues, like housing, lack of transport infrastructure, employment opportunities etc, are conveniently ignored. Research shows that the rural population is as equally divided on the issue of hunting as the urban, so to describe themselves as a pressure group for rural issues is an arrogant yet accurate reflection of the kind of fucktard who joins a group like this. It could be argued that for a person to want to own a gun should automatically preclude them being allowed to.
Truly, the "countryside alliance" puts the cunt into countryside .
by Southern Uplander May 1, 2008
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