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1. A red heads batch of curly red/orange pubic hair

2. Cheese Curls (yes the snackfood) for pubic hair
1. That ginger over there probably has a big tumbleweed of cheese curl pubes in his pants. He doesn't look like he grooms himself.

2. Wow Bruce, a fat gay guy would love to blow you. You have cheese curl pubes.
by sooleyman January 21, 2010

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A pitch black turd that is a result of the coloring of drinking either purple or green colored sports drinks.
When I drink grape gatorade I always leave a gatorade shit in the toilet.
by Sooleyman December 29, 2009

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(1) Having testicles so dirty and unsanitary that they belong in the trash.

(2) Two trash bags of garbage as testicles
(1) That pornstar had some of the worst trash nuts I have ever seen

(2) That must be a rare disease because that dude has trash nuts
by Sooleyman December 29, 2009

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