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A question asked of someone either in identical or varied form by that same person or persons.

It typically cannot be answered since it would have previously been answered.

Therefore, the expectation of that person or persons being questioned is that they need not be expected to respond to it (wastes time and useful energy).

The questioning tends to be done somewhat annoyingly to add emphasis to an initial query. However, the net result is more like an annoying interrogation.

See also: retorical
"Did you look in area X as you said you would?"

"Yes I did. I searched thoroughly but without success."

"Are you sure?" He asks incredulously.

"I believe I've answered your question already. That was a rhetorical question.!"

I ask myself, "If my ability to find something so simple and familiar is so sadly doubtful why the f... don't you look for it yourself?"

Pissed off with this moron, I cut discussion and exit the room.
by Sonicpixy January 18, 2004

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