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A somewhat popular game played in 17th century Europe and the Colonial U.S., Usu. a party game. Named for famed historical icon Robert Wonkins, he is often referred to as "The Great Robert Wonkins." Players gather in a circle, whereupon one of the players is elected the "Charlie." The newly-elected "Charlie" takes a small billyclub or "Whack-a-Bob" and circles the group for 10 seconds, gives a hearty "Hey Lolly Lolly!" and bashes the nearest player square in the teeth. If said bashee remains conscious, he or she becomes the new "Charlie." The game is played until there is only one person left standing, at which time you can rifle through your opponents pockets at will.
Thad and I just finished a most delightful round of Whack-A-Bob Wonkins. I am now ninepence richer for it!
by Solid J MacAwesomepants January 13, 2005
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