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A person who has beliefs and/or acts in a way that goes against their well being as part of a Nation.
Many Americans are Counter Nationalists in the fact that they are not living in their true Nation and act in no way or have no ability to move back.
by SoftwareDevOps October 31, 2022
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A person who willingly or by force leaves their nation for another.
Most Americans are exiles and many Natives think that they don't belong here.
by SoftwareDevOps October 31, 2022
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An overpaid artisan who uses unoriginal ideas and code that has already been written. Spends most of his time listening to music while spending hundreds of hours on design projects that will never reach fruition.
Bill: I am a software developer
John: O so you are just an artist who actually makes money
by SoftwareDevOps October 30, 2022
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