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A quiet, rich suburb just north of LA.

People say its full of snobby rich bitches with silicon

boobs and plastic faces.
People say all the kids are spoiled brats with Audis.
People say it is boring and full of retired Republicans.

Really, those only a few people like that.

But it's also a nice place to grow up.

It's clean and safe and it has nice parks.
No one locks their cars, or their houses, and you never ever ever feel threatened.

Mainly, its just an boring place for teenagers.
:Hi... I'm from... Thousand Oaks
:Oh... (He must be a snob)
(But he's probably not)

:God damn. There's nothing to do in TO(Thousand Oaks).
:True that.
:But we're too lazy to drive into LA.

:OOhhh pretty yellow flowers (actually an invasive and highly agressive spanish mustardseed)

:I'm going to the store. I'll take the car.
:Can't you just walk?
:Walk? What's that?
by SoCAler December 15, 2010

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