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he is the Host of Americas Most Wanted on Fox he helps Tracks Down Murders Gangs,peodphille,and Etc and john askes you to call if you have any whereabouts where the Criminals Are. so far 844 suspects Caught.
John Walsh is the Shit!
Mark. Hell yeah haha you punk Ass Crminals you just been Caught!
by So-So June 03, 2005
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A Truck that Helps people with Car Problems and is always there to help you 24/7 days A week No Matter What if you're Car is Broken it will tow it for you to get it Fix.or if you're Car is parked next to something where it doesn't belong the Tow Truck will Tow it Away.
Jack Says Those son of A bitches Just Towed My new 2005 Ford Focus!
by So-So May 30, 2005
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