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Marijuana that possesses a large quantity of THC resin crystals on the outside of the buds.

Also used as a term among potheads as something cool or great.
Pothead 1: "Yeah dude, check this nug of OG I just picked up."

Pothead 2: "Daaaamn that shits frosty! Roll it up!"
by Smoker X December 26, 2010

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A kill hit is a smoking trick that in order to be completed correctly, requires the smoker to first fill there lungs with smoke, THEN there MOUTH.

The smoker then opens there mouth gently exhales the pure white smoke that had filled there mouth. They then must re-inhale the smoke while it still lingers thickly in the air to successfully complete the kill hit trick.

Kill hits are mainly popular among marijuana users, as tobacco smoke is found to be too harsh.

The most popular kill hit is the mushroom cloud, in which the smoker exhales the smoke in the shape of a mushroom, but other smoke shapes can be used.
Pothead 1: Dude, did you see that frosty kill hit!
Pothead 2: Yeah dude, that shit was dank!
by Smoker X December 26, 2010

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