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While engaged in sex, it is the art of dropping a fat deuce on the sex partners chest that curls up like frozen yogurt. That would make the producer of the turd the yogurt machine.
Oh this is a large poop. It has curled up. You are like a Wyoming yogurt machine.
by Smith2069 July 25, 2016

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If your stomach is craving for a traditional Mexican delight and your big, throbbing cock is screaming for a nice, wet vagina, look no further than the Nantucket Nacho Supreme. The nacho supreme is a combination of two great things and must be made very carefully and specifically. First you must start by engaging in a three way with two women. (We are fans of the devils three way but if want this food option, two ladies is the way to go.) One of the women in the three way is required to be a virgin. Next you lay the non virgin down and pour some crisp tortilla chips on her abdomen. You then take a nice piss all over those chips. This is replica of the cheese on nachos. Now you shart all over the chips. Make sure the shart explodes when exiting the buttox. This explosive shart replicates spicy ground beef. You then will shove your entire hand down your throat and throw up on top of the nachos to replicate the guacamole. Next you take the virgin and pound the mess out of her. Hopefully you pop her cherry which will bleed and replicate the salsa. Last but not least you cum all over the top of the nachos which is the sour cream. Only the finest of men can complete the making of this food.
Blaine: Dang John, I'm really hungry!
John: How bout you call Margaret and Caroline and make a Nantucket nacho supreme.
Blaine: Dang John, you sir are an innovator. I think I have some fresh shart ready to explode out of my cheeks!
by Smith2069 May 31, 2017

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