1 definition by Smef

noun, c.f. modern English 'girl + time'

1. time intended just for the girls, inclusive of sappy films, makeovers, and large amounts of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Men are generally unwelcome during girltime, although exceptions may be made for homosexual males of the femme variety.

2. a cataclysmic monthly event roughly tied to the lunar cycle which drives otherwise sane biological females into fits of unpredictable rage, weeping, and self-loathing.
1. Girl #1 to Girl #2: 'It's girltime tonight, so you gotta come over. My boy's out, and I've got The Notebook, avocado facial masque, and a tub of Chunky Monkey! You can bring your pet fag if he lets me paint his nails.'

2. Once a month, my faghag's girltime turns a week of my life into a maelstrom of male guilt, hurried attempts at appeasement, and ego stroking.
by Smef August 27, 2007
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