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Sexual act. Best not to do this if you want a relationship. This act is performed by having anal sex with the individual, cumming in her ass as many times as you can. When you are finished, kick her 4-5 times in one shin. While she is off-balance, direct her to the nearest door. When she's outside, then lock it. As she hobbles around screaming her displeasure, her act of bending over or holding her shin up will cause her to leak cum from her butt. Letting her in or forcing her to walk home like this is totally optional.
"I heard a lot of noises next door last night, and after taking a peek, I discovered my neighbor was giving his girl a Hobbling Whore."

"I gave Mia a Hobbling Whore, because I wanted to break up, but I've never been good with words."
by Smack Everything1 May 02, 2010

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A man, or woman, who is notorious for escaping relationships even when it would be more socially acceptable to stay together.
"David got Mia pregnant, but then six days later said he was joining the army, but then moved in with some girl in a diffrent state. He's such an amazing emotional escape artist."

"Monica broke up John after he started rehab. That's even more crazy cause the day before he lost his job and moved in with her. What an emotional escape artist, to just ditch him when he needs help."
by Smack Everything1 May 02, 2010

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