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When the chick you're with is so hot that while she's giving you a blowjob, you lay back and consider yourself, 'the luckiest man on the face of the earth.' Hell, it might even bring a tear to your eye just like Lou had when he gave his famous speech.
I hooked up with that hot-ass chick last night and ended up getting a Lou Gehrig blowjob.

by SlumpBuster May 06, 2009

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Noun. While in the act of cuddling, a significant other gives a hand job out of pity with minimal effort; generally not from start-to-finish, thus would not be considered an old-fashioned.
"Baby, I'm too tired for sexy time; how about a tuggle."
Recipient: come on, I know you're tired, I'll be quick lets get down...(sex)
Tired partner: no, I'm tired I had a long day..
Recipient: how about just a tuggle? Please?
by Slumpbuster October 24, 2014

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