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Otherkin are an unfortunate group of incredibly deluded souls that believe they currently are or at one point were nonhuman entities. An otherkin might believe they are anything from a vampire to a dragon to an elf to an angel, though more obscure creatures are possible (griffons, succubi, etc). It is also possible to be a mixture of two or more of these creatures, in the instance that you believe referring to yourself as a werewolf or angel is too limiting. Why not be a werewolf angel? Or a dragon vampire elf? The sky's the limit when you're just making shit up. They are extremely defensive, and if you don't believe them, it's obviously because you're a "mundane" who doesn't get it. I've met several otherkin, and I can safely say each one of them was an unwashed jackass.

note: Not to be confused with a furry, though they both communities are fairly closeknit.

note2: White Wolf roleplaying games and the god damn internet are largely to thank for their existance.
Becca believed she was a half-fey/half-dragon. Fey are mythologically known for their grace and beauty. Dragons are known for majesty and charm. Becca weighed 300 lbs.

"D," as he liked to be called, believed he was a half-angel/half-demon. He said "D" stood for "The Demon," cause in high school, he had a different lady in bed every night. This claim is rather dubious, as he was missing teeth.

Ray believed he was a vampire hunting werewolf. He would go out to hunt and kill them on the suburban cul de sac he lived on. He has slain the vampire Lestat (of Anne Rice novel fame) no less than three times. Point of interest: Ray also wore a girdle.
by SlimGoodbody February 27, 2005
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A great guy named Damon. Lives in Orange County. Once stripped naked and jumped into Irvine Lake. All around awesome.
'Sup, Damon. It's Devan. I still can't believe you're doing this Man-Faye thing. You are awesome.
by SlimGoodbody March 01, 2005
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