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A derogatory (though usually joshing) term for a person implying that they are backwater or uneducated.
"You are so podunk, you think Hungary is what happens before eating."
by Sleightflow October 22, 2012

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When twins have sex or perform sexual acts.

It's a combination of the word Twin and the word Interaction; the twins "interact" sexually with one another.
"I'm so hot. I wish I had a twin so we could have some twinteraction. We'd never leave the house."
by Sleightflow December 09, 2012

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Any time you smoke weed after 4:20pm. The history as to why it is PM and not AM as well is unknown, but likely arbitrary.

Alt: Slang for when a dealer takes a longer than usual amount of time to deliver your pot.
"Man, it's five o'clock and you're just now smoking up..? You're chronically late!"


"Usually on time, Timmy wondered why PK was chronically late with the kind he had ordered."
by Sleightflow October 22, 2012

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