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I love you are three words which if said and meant correctly are the hardest words to say. You should not say them just for fun or because you want to get someone to have sex with you. I love you is what you say to a person who means the absolute world to you, when you would never do anything to harm them and you never want to loose them. I love you must not just be said, but proven too, you must prove how much you love that person. And lads, if she laughs and calls you an idiot..you're a very lucky man!! Women rarely say it back no matter how much they want to. Sometimes silence is the best reply. But don't just say it, you have to mean it
Ross: grace?...I love you

Grace: *silence*
Ross: I do...
Grace: *laughs* you're an idiot

Ross:*fist pumps air*
by Sky_398 October 10, 2014

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