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Also known as a blowjob.
See, Slurpins, Chamins, CHONS, Yammins, Yams, Cocksmoking, Playing the skin flute, etc....

Can also be used as in singular form, i.e., "She will chew you up"
Dude, that skank is so gonna give me the chewins tonight.
by Skurp June 08, 2003

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Mad Mother Fucker
"that dude is a mmf!!"
by SKurp March 22, 2013

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When a woman's judgement and feeling toward another person is changed due to their period.
S: So my friends girlfriend went to the show with us tonight

J: ugh. I hate her.

S: you've never met her....
J: i probably don't hate her. It's just period perception
by SKurp December 01, 2014

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