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The greek, (yes, greek, since he spoke it, lived it, and WAS it) whose parents, Philip of Macedon, and mother Olympia of Epirus, gave unto him a kingdom and a springboard from which to conquer and avenge the injustices done against hellas. Became a great hero by uniting the greeks under the banner of macedonia, a land that could best be described before the time of philip as being half greek, half barbarian, yet still possessing the hellenic language as their lingua franca and NOT developing seperate customs from the cultures of southern greece, as some jumped up slav seems to suggest in one of these entries. Contrary to Oliver stones depiction, he was not a hardcore homosexual, copulating with women and in fact fathering many children, including bastards.
Dude: "Hey, I just read about the macedonian Alexander the Great! But I thought you said he was greek! I am now hopelessly confused.
Spiros the Wise: "Not to worry, o illiterate one. I can easily explain this unfortunate distortion of truth by discontented slavs. Macedonia was a nation that was included in the ancient hellenic diaspora, as they spoke greek, took greek customs as ther own, and had greek names."
Dude:" So why do people from the Republic of Skopje act like they are the descendents of Alexander when history, popular opinion, and unfalsified dna evidence clearly support otherwise?"
Spiros the Wise:"Good question. Fortunately, the answer lies in UD, under the word douchebag!
by SkopjeNeedsHelp November 25, 2008
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