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Anyone who wants or pretends to have the eating disorder Anorexia. Can be used for anyone wanting, or lying about having any other eating disorder.

Most times these types of people are wanting acceptance to belong to any group, or they just want to shed some weight before summer, the prom, the winter ball, school social, or whatever occasion that calls for them to look their best. Often wanarexics are out for attention whether good or bad.

Most wanarexics get banned from websites because they have no idea what an eating disorder is or what it does to their body. Often times when people ask a wanarexic what their stats are, the wanarexic gives ridiculous BMI's or weights. Often times going as far as claiming to be someone they are not and stealing pictures and claiming it as their own.

Other names for wanarexics are: wana, wanna, fauxlimic, fauxlimia, or wanamia.
A person: "What eating disorder do you have?"
A wana: "Um..Anorexia."
A Person: "Oh really what's your Body Mass Index (BMI) then?"
A wana: "Um.. 26?"
A Person: "You CAN'T be a fat ANOREXIC! You're a wanarexic! Get lost!"
by SkinnyInTheCity October 21, 2009
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